Healthy Hollywood Craft Service


We pride ourselves in carrying over 90% organic products at all times and supporting GMO Free companies that practice Fair Trade with growers and manufacturers.

Breakfast Time

A wide variety of whole grain breakfast cereals

Coconut, Almond and Cashew Milks/Creamers

Fresh Organic Fruits

Organic Fair Trade Coffee (Multi Roasts)

Organic India and Traditional Medicine Teas

Oatmeal Super Food Bowls

Good Morning Whole Food Multi Vitamins

Lunch and Dinner Time

Organic Super Seed Energy Bars

Power Plant Smoothies, featuring live greens, fruit and veggies

(Super Food Live Smoothie Powders)

Nutrient Dense Salads with Crazy Good Dressings

Avocado, Veggie Burger, Taco and Sprout Wraps

Gluten and Dairy Free Pizzas (full of sauted veggies)

Curry, Thai, Italian, Chutney and Cheezy Dipping sauces

Organic Chips (Kale Potato, Corn and Pita Style)

Organic Cookies, Cakes and Tarts

Organic and Dairy free M&Ms, Ice Creams, Trail Mixes, and Candies

Raw Organic Chocolates (Best in da Land)

Natural Sodas, Juices, Coconut Waters and Clean Energy Drinks