Healthy Hollywood

Craft Service

Sara Paul and the 5 Carrots Organic marketing team had been sampling healthy products on movie and television sets for the over two years when Whole Foods Chef William Najger presented the idea for molding the existing business into the first organic, plant based craft service company working out of a Tiny House on Wheels. Guided by William's innovative vision, they created Healthy Hollywood Craft Services and Super Food Events featuring the highest and healthiest quality snacks, drinks, quick meals, desserts, and super food smoothies.

Here's the unique and fun part of this all natural endeavor, They built the Craft Service business inside of a Tiny Home on Wheels. That's right, using extremely sustainable and natural building materials, they build a Health Food Store that looks like a little cottage home. A first of its kind.

Sara has been working diligently for years building up client relationships with some of the most powerful and influential people in Hollywood. She founded the marketing and branding company 5 Carrots in 2012 focusing on presenting organic, GMO Free, Sustainable and Plant Based products to the movie, television and music industry. Her “Whole Foods” style sampling tables frequented production sets all across the U.S. From a Mark Wahlberg feature film to the Television Hit series “Modern Family”, Sara has featured the highest quality organic foods, nutrition supplements and cosmetics to the social media giants of the entertainment industry.

Now she has her eyes set on inserting these all natural products as a daily choice for the people of “Tinsel Town”. Representing over 100 natural food companies and co-owning one of the most unique platforms of marketing and promotion (The Tiny Home/Store on Wheels) gives her access to all of Hollywood

The secret  to Sara Paul’s success is her ability to attract the best natural food companies to her creative marketing and branding concepts and then produce unique high caliber promotional events. From a City Hall lunch to a “Wrap Party’ for a blockbuster movie cast, she has brought the healthy goods to the table.

William Najger

The Green Queen on the Movie Scene

it all started with a Good Idea on a Movie Set

With the expertise of Chef Najger in building healthy catering kitchens around the U.S, Healthy Hollywood Craft Services was up and running in under two months. Not only has William personally built seven commercial kitchens and cafes in a three year period, but also brought each of them to successful Grand Openings significantly under budget and always on time. His groundbreaking concept of combining a ‘Meals on Wheels” style food delivery service with plant based organic cuisine was years ahead of the now popular business model.

William is a master whole foods chef with over 25 years experience preparing plant based foods that surprise even the most dedicated junk foodie. With his company, "EDEN-OUT” he has served over 300,000 meals. Choosing natural products that are easy for the main stream public to embrace is his specialty and passion.

Most of all, Chef Najger is “Marketing Jack of all Trades”. He loves to find creative and one of a kind ways to promote health. It was on a movie set with Sara that he first thought of combining a Tiny Home on Wheels with a Craft Service and Health Food Store. You can absolutely expect many more cutting edge ideas and delicious healthy meals to come from William, a.k.a. “Mr. Eternal Youth”.

The Power Plant Chef

Sara Paul